I remind you that we are talking about how to successfully record vocals at home than an apartment or house.
Continue … In order to get rid of the ringing sounds and the effect of reverberation in a room, you need to hang it with a thick cloth or lay the wall with foam. In most cases, this problem is solved in this way.
But that’s not all. When recording vocals into the microphone must be used in conjunction with a filter for attenuating the sound of “n” and “b”, the other filter, which is mounted on a stand with a microphone. It is a semicircle made ​​of a soft metal and foam inserts Foam insert. This filter is very good and removes all sorts of overtones indoor echo. Well, along with the aforementioned walls hung with an effect almost complete absorption of sound.
To a question about the neighbors, so as not to annoy their noise while recording, try to make yourself a house or apartment nook, preferably in the hallway or in the hallway, where there are no walls that are adjacent to a neighbor. In this case, you have the assurance that if even a very loud singing you worry too much nobody. And even more so if your walls hung with.
Well, that’s one problem solved. Now the question is: where to connect the microphone?
Connect directly to the computer’s sound card is strongly discouraged. You must first connect to the device, which is called the pre-amplifier, or on musician’s slang, preamp. This tube device with a digital or analog output, which softens, warms the recorded signal. Due to this, the signal becomes more natural, though, and turned the sound card in a digital form.
Such devices also vary in price – from 500 to 2500 $. Respectively, and their quality is different. Often stationary studios can see the whole wall of these instruments, which are not all used. For the renowned studio without significance and external pathos, it gives some prestige for fans of studios. But not all people, especially creative, have a big budget for recording studios and such they have to resort to the method described by me.
Again, for recording vocals at home would be enough of a simple preamp for little money. As in the case with a microphone preamp, you can choose a price and parameters. Now produce combined appliances, which combine several devices, such as diesser, compressor and gate. It all just gives additional bonuses to this device, if it is in it.
In my next publication we will talk about what kind of music software is better to use for recording and some sound cards.
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Perhaps this is one of the most controversial topics among musicians, arrangers, and all those involved in this business. Up to a certain point, I was also an ardent supporter of the work on Windows. Many of my musical projects have been made on this basis, on the soft, sharpened it on Windows. Frankly, many user-friendly programs such as Cubase, Samplitude, etc.. Done very carefully, and easily available. This is exactly what is necessary for novice arrangers and all who work with sound. But …
When I listened to the result of the work done on the Mac OS, I realized that all the previous work was just training.
Firstly, a very different sound. Compared with Mac OS Windows is losing the completeness and transparency. Then I realized why. In Mac OS, the sound mathematically processed more accurately, plus there is an additional treatment to the registry, which have Windows.
Secondly, the software under Mac generally works differently and sounds. For example, the processing of Lexicon reverb for Windows program Samplitude sound very unimpressive and indeeply compared with them in the same program Logic Studio to the Mac. And this is just a small part of these obvious differences!
Thirdly, the variety and ease of working with all the plug-ins for Mac are not comparable with Windows. I do not want to disappoint the supporters of Bill Gates. I remind you that I myself started with it, and to a certain point has been satisfied. But when he opened the Mac, everything changed exactly 180 degrees. All that is needed for this system, and advanced music software – a powerful modern computer and a good sound card. Do not believe me? Try to listen and compare for yourself.
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